Friday, July 23, 2010

Pictures from Stonehenge

Stonehenge. A mystical formation in the middle of a field. A wonder that draws thousands of people weekly to stand in amazement at this formation and think about the people who built it, who lived there, who used it for whatever its true purpose was.

We've all seen pictures of Stonehenge. It's a readily identifiable structure that is one of those things that you just recognize.

But when you see it in context, literally in the middle of a field, you wonder how it survived, standing tall, for all these centuries.

Yes, those are cows out in the field around the Stonehenge site.

And this is a view from Stonehenge to the highway.  In spite of its proximity, Stonehenge is so much more than a "roadside attraction."

It's truly a splendor.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. It was almost like I was on vacation with you. And now the pics! I can't wait!!!