Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad Doberan, Germany

When I first read that our excursion in Germany would take us to Bad Doberan, I did a double take to make sure we weren't going to an animal shelter for bad dobermans.

Bad Doberan is a town in the Mecklenburg region in the northern part of what used to be East Germany, not too many miles from where we ported at Warnemunde.  Just outside Bad Doberan is a monastery that originated in the Middle Ages, completed in the late 1360s.  There are still original bricks and some original stained glass windows.  The building is a beautiful piece of architecture and is still in use today.  The monks made the bricks that were originally used, a process which took four to twelve months per brick to make.  Hearing about their brick-making reminded me of the Israelites during their time in Egypt when they were forced to make bricks yet not given the straw they needed. 

So here are some photos both outside and in from the Minster at Bad Doberan.  If you're in the Mecklenburg region, it is worth the visit, and if you have a guide to tell you the stories of the monastery and subsequent history, then that's even better!

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