Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All aboard and by the White Cliffs of Dover

We so enjoyed our days in London but were very glad to be able to head
to Dover to board the Disney Magic. We had booked our transportation
from the hotel to the port through the cruiseline, so all we had to do
was board the bus for the two hour drive.

Getting through port security was a breeze and soon we were admiring
the white cliffs of Dover from our cabin's verandah. We had a quick
lunch and then waited for our luggage. DS14's first comment was that
he didn't remember the ceiling being so low.

The boys went to the sailaway party; DH and I skipped it but made our
way to deck 10 in time to see us pulling out of port. The captain gave
us some sightseeing information about the area we were seeing.

The sun didn't set until way after 10 PM so after a leisurely dinner,
we had plenty of time to take a leisurely stroll. Of course we had to
get the laundry done along with half the guests on board.

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