Saturday, July 3, 2010

From London's Eye

After checking in and having about a two hour rest (okay, hard sleep),
we headed out for some food and exploration.

There is a McDonalds across from the hotel, so we headed there to get
something to eat and drink. The prices were about the same as home.
And they had wifi once we figured out how to access it.

The underground station is a two minute walk from the hotel and wasn't
busy at the entrance point so the agent was able to help us buy the
right tickets to use the tube for transportation today. The signage is
really good so we had no problem making our way to the Waterloo
station where the London Eye is. We even changed lines.

The plaza area for the London Eye was swarming with people. We had pre-
purchased a family flexi-ticket which allowed us to queue in a short
line for collecting our tickets. We were able to see the 4-D short
film that showed the spectacular sites we would soon see from the
sky. The queue was wrapped like a hot day at Disney World but moved
pretty quickly. We were onboard with 30 minutes and enjoyed the half
hour slow moving wheel.

Once we finished at the London Eye we took the tube to the stop for
the British Museum. On the way up, we saw the FSU school so we went in
to bear greetings as alumni. That was cool. DS12 is the one who saw
it, but someone at work had mentioned to me that it was there.

The crowds were beginning to thin but they were still six or seven
people deep at the Rosetta Stone, but we managed to see it up close
and get some pictures.

The boys were pretty beat so we left and headed back towards the
hotel. We stopped at My Old Dutch Pancake House for dinner. It's not
really pancakes that they serve; it's more like specialty pizza made
on crepelike dough. It was good. DS14 is nearly asleep at the table
while we are finishing up. They have wifi here. LOL.

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  1. McDonalds. Dutch Panckae House. Have you had fish and chips yet? Gotta go read those other entries...