Sunday, July 18, 2010

Covent Garden, or what to do on a free afternoon in London

We knew we would have to get off the ship eventually, so the
expectation of an afternoon in London filled that hollow feeling I
always get on the last morning of a cruise.

We had booked a post-cruise excursion to Canterbury and Leeds Castle
for Monday, but it was cancelled, so we found ourselves with more time
in London than we originally were expecting.

So we ditched plans to spend the whole afternoon at the British
Museum. Instead, we trekked the ten minute walk to Covent Garden.
There are lots of shops and an open market, several restaurants, and
throngs of people to watch. We found a Disney Store which was a
wonderful surprise, so of course we had to go in!

Today started out overcast in London but by the time we were at Covent
Garden, the skies had cleared. The temperature was mild, much milder
than when we were here two weeks ago. It was a perfect day to people
watch. DH said it had the feel of New Orleans and I agreed.

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