Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arrived in London

We arrived at London's Gatwick airport at 6:18 AM. I don't think any
of us slept on the flight for more than a doze. The flight was easier
than we had anticipated. We met a family across the aisle who are also
sailing with us.

Customs was easy and our luggage was coming around as we got to
baggage claim. We gathered our bags and went to find our
transportation. He arrived about five minutes after we had gotten

Gatwick is about an hour away from central London on a Saturday. Our
driver was friendly and informative. When we were loading into the
van, I suggested to Gary that he ride up front to enjoy the view. He
is usually chauferring us and doesn't get that chance very often. So
this morning he went to get in and our driver wanted to know if he was
planning to drive.

It was a beautiful drive and I cannot describe the sheer excitement of
our first view of Big Ben. We got to the hotel and got the last room
already available. I am writing this at about 9 AM and two boys have
had a shower and one DH is napping. I'm going to get a shower and a
rest and then we will head out to explore. And find some wifi to post

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