Thursday, July 1, 2010

And we're off!

After two years of planning, we are off on our much anticipated
vacation. With the packing having been completed last night, today
only required double-checking that we did, indeed, have our passports
with us. Did you know that if you are traveling out of the US, your
passport must be valid for six months after your scheduled return date
or you have to renew it before you go? The boys had to get new
passports as a result of that requirement.

I went to the office for some first-of-the-month tasks that I didn't
want to leave for someone else to have to do. Besides, DH was cleaning
the house so it's always better for me to be out of the way while that
happens. I had to make a quick stop for Claritin on the way home, and
then we were ready to tetris the luggage into the trunk.

We pulled out of the driveway around 1:15 pm to start making our way
to Atlanta. We are taking the state roads rather than the interstate,
so the British lady in our GPS is quite frantic. We wonder if people
in the UK choose the American voice for their GPS guide.

We had some rain starting out but it has since stopped. We are truly
on vacation because we stopped for lunch less than an hour into the

I don't know what our internet access will be over the next few days
but will post when we are able.

Signing off for now at 4:12pm.

1 comment:

  1. tetris the luggage into the trunk - what a great metaphor!

    Enjoy the trip!! (silly comment, how could you NOT enjoy it?)