Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oslo - a morning of museums

I was able to get Internet access at the maritime museum's cafe so the
last two days have posted. Our bus leaves here in ten minutes so this
will be quick.

We woke to overcast skies. Thankfully the cruiseline provided ponchos
in our stateroom last night ad we needed them when our tour was
heading out at 10:00. We had a drive through the city and then on to
the Viking, Maritime, and Kon-Tiki museums. Kon-Toki was my favorite
but also most crowded. The Maritime museum afforded a lively view of
the Magic in port.

I will update more when I can.

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  1. Sounds like as wonderful adventure so far. Bill is soooo jealous of Gary's Beatlemania tour he can hardly stand it. He wants me to drop my Argentina dream and go to London instead.
    Thank you for sharing. Sue