Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friday - July 9th.  It was a much warmer day in Denmark than it was in Oslo.  The sun was out early and the clouds burned off my midmorning. 


Before going ashore for our City and Harbor tour, we were entertained by the Boys Guard marching band performing alongside the ship.


Our excursion took us on a narrated motorcoach tour to see the sites in Copenhagen including the palaces, the old navy shipyard, and where the Little Mermaid usually rests.  We saw gardens, parks, and lots of streets and stores.  The canal boat tour gave us a close look at the Opera house and the city from the canal.  We noticed a lot of people having their lunch on benches alongside the canal. Our guide told us that it was the beginning of an exceptional weekend weatherwise so we guessed they were all enjoying their Friday lunch outdoors.


Copenhagen is a beautiful city that seemed easy to navigate.  They have city bikes that you can use like they did in Oslo.  The rest of the day we spent on board watching a movie (me), taking a nap (DH), or participatign in youth activities.  Dinner was in Animators Palate and our server again fetched me a piece of creme brulee cheesecake from Parrot Cay.


Around 12:20 AM, we passed under the world's second largest bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden.  It was amazing to watch us go through - we had seen footage of the Oasis barely making it.  We are much smaller than the Oasis but being at night and without the benefit of depth perception, it was quite an exciting experience.  Many of our fellow passengers missed this event as they had plans to catch the early early train to Berlin.

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