Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of luggage and laundry

So we know we'll have more daylight hours and cooler temperatures than we're accustomed to, so therein lies the challenge of what to pack for this adventure. And how to get it there without having to pay baggage fees.  Delta lets you check one bag for free on flights from the US to Europe, each weighing up to 50 lbs.  There are four of us, so that means we can take up to four bags to check, plus a carryon each.  And of course we have to get it back home with us plus whatever souvenirs and such that we purchase while over there.  Our three identical bags each weigh just over 10 lbs empty, and then we have our good-luck bag which is a medium-size wonder-find that I got several years ago for $1.50 at the local Goodwill. It's been everywhere with me and survived when other bags haven't.

The other part is that the luggage has to fit in the car to actually get it to the airport plus the four of us and my wonderful brother who will be dropping us off.

We know we'll be able to do laundry a couple of times once we're onboard the ship, so we're planning accordingly. Long pants, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, capris, t-shirts, polo-style shirts, items that can be mixed and matched and layered should do the trick. We'll probably pick up some rain gear once we get to London to ensure that we won't actually need it.

The onboard laundry has changed since we last sailed with Disney Cruise Line. Before it took handfuls of quarters to wash and dry. Now you just charge it to your onboard account. And while the prices have gone up, reports are that the machines are more efficient and worth the extra cost. Plus we haven't had to save up our quarters for the last few months to be sure to have enough and not worry that the change machine was out. 

We're following the packing tips of experts (and previous fellow-cruisers) and putting some of each person's clothing in each piece of luggage.  That way if we get there and any of our bags don't, at least we'll all still have something to wear. The nice thing about the DS's is that they are close enough in size that they can wear each other's clothes.  However, DH would look a bit ridiculous wearing mine.

Here's hoping we're not tempting fate by writing about all this...

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