Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Change in Temperature

Last summer, we missed the heatwave that hit our local area in June because we were vacationing at Disneyland during southern California's "June Gloom."  The Californians were apologetic for the low-70s for highs and the high-50s for lows, but we were thankful to miss the record-setting highs of the 100+'s that were occuring at home.

This year we'll again be abandoning the summer heat in exchange for cooler temperatures.  The 10-day forecast for our local area has highs in the low-90s and lows in the mid-70s.  But look what the 10-day forecast is showing for Northern Europe:

London: highs mid-upper 70s, lows upper-50s, low 60s
Oslo:  highs low-70s, lows mid-50s
Copenhagen: highs upper-60s, low upper-50s
Warnemunde, Germany:  highs upper-70s, lows upper-50s
St. Petersburg:  highs upper-60s, lows mid-50s
Helsinki:  highs upper-60s, lows mid-50s
Stockholm: highs mid-70s, lows mid-50s

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  1. Lovely weather - enjoy it! (For what it's worth, during the week we spent in London in 1994 we never once needed our umbrellas. Maybe you'll be so blessed!)