Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meeting the family - in Helsinki

When we first learned that Disney Cruise Line was going to the Baltic Sea, we knew we wanted to go.  But when we heard that they were going to have a stop in Helsinki, Finland, that clinched the deal for us.  Why? Because I am 1/4 Finnish and to have the opportunity to visit Helsinki, if even for just a day, was something I couldn't pass up.
As it turns out, I have extended relatives who live in Helsinki, one of whom I've had occasional email correspondence with for several years.  Our great-grandparents were siblings which means we are third cousins.  While we normally see the ports of call through excursions planned by the cruise line, we are making an exception in Helsinki as my cousin is going to meet us at the port and spend half the day showing us his city. I have to say that this is my most-anticipated activity of our adventure!  To get to see Helsinki with a local person AND meet someone I'm related to is awesome.
After our time with my cousin, we are going to join a short excursion through the cruise line that will mostly be a motorcoach (I love how they use the term motorcoach instead of bus) driving us to see a bit more of the area. 


  1. How exciting! I've always wanted to find and meet my European relatives.

  2. Very cool! One of my cousins made contact with a distant cousin through some geneology web site. Some of my near relatives (including my parents) ended up meeting them. A few of my oldest cousins (but not my parents) went to Poland with these new-found relatives, and met even more extended family. So maybe you can go back to Finland sometime without a cruise :^)