Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Norsk Maritimt Museum

The Norsk Maritimt Museum is a celebration of Norway's seafaring past and present.  This museum is located on Bygdoynes right next to the Fram and the Kon-Tiki museums making it a convenient location for touring all three.

This museum was the second of three on our excursion for the day.  We began by watching the panoramia film "The Ocean: A Way of Life" that was a tribute to the sea and the life and liveliehood that it brings to the people of Norway.  There is a similar film shown at the Norway pavilion at Disney's EPCOT; we often just walk right through the area after riding Maelstrom, but having now been to Norway, we will make a point of watching the film the next time we're at EPCOT.

We only had a limited amount of time at this museum, but here are a few pictures. The first one is of the Disney Magic as seen across the fjord, docked for the day. 

The next two are from items within the museum.

This next picture is a display of ships in bottles. My great-grandfather, who was Finnish, made ships in bottles himself.  I just had to take a picture of these as they are absolutely beautiful.

The museum has a decent gift shop and also a cafe, including free wireless internet access.  A previous blog entry or two came courtesy of the wifi here.

These last pictures are from the area outside the Maritime Museum.

And just an hour later, see how the weather has changed.

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